Burn Fat with Winter Fun


Winter is a wonderful time of year. With the colder weather there is plenty of ways to burn the fat off. With recent fashion trends of fashionable bulky boots, the added protection against the cold requires some extra material.  By walking and hiking with bulky boots through the snow, your heart will start pumping and soon after your will realize it is a pretty good cardiovascular workout.  Need more of a challenge? Hike off the path in deep snow, a great activity for the whole family. Check out the video

Looking for more excitement? A snow ball fight or playing in the snow with your family is a great way to have fun and burn calories all at the same time. Try making a snow angel and building snow castles. Why not bring out the kid in you, but get active and have fun. Other great outdoor winter activities to burn fat are snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and winter hiking! So get active and burn those calories. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Need some more ideas and a detailed plan on how to look amazing on your wedding day? Join the WeddingWeightLossRegistry.com program 

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