Less Carbs after 6pm

Click on photo to watch the video!

Click on photo to watch the video!

We all love those carbs! Pasta, rice and bread and more… If you really need that carb hit and can’t take the cravings, then do it before 6pm and keep the portions within reason. Binge eating bread and pasta may feel good at the time but give it a couple of hours and you will feel like you have just blown up like a balloon. By eating carbs during the day before 6:00PM gives your body plenty of time to burn off those carbs when you are more active during the day. So, don’t cave in!  Try to stay away from pasta, bread and rice.  Plan your meals with a protein and a salad.  How to get rid of those carb cravings? Ask the experts and get advice from the team with the WeddingWeighLossRegistry.com

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