Kill Sweet with Sour

Kill Sweet Cravings with Sour

When those crazy sweet cravings start to take over, reach into your refrigerator and get something sour. Sucking on a lemon or adding lemon or lime juice to a glass of ice cold water will not only be refreshing, it will help kill those sweet cravings.

Lemons help restore the PH balance in your body. They are rich in Vitamin C and when you drink lemon water it helps detoxify your liver. When you digest lemons, your blood vessels are strengthened by vitamin P bioflavonoids found in lemons, preventing internal hemorrhages and useful in treating high blood pressure. Lemons help dissolve kidney stones, dissolves gallstones, calcium deposit and assists with increasing bowel movements.   There are plenty of other benefits of lemon juice, so be sure to add lemon to your diet. Lemons have antibacterial properties that have been found to destroy bacteria of malaria, cholera and other deadly diseases.

So next time you have a sweet craving, suck a lemon. Be sure to sign up with the program for more tips and look fantastic on your wedding day!


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