Hike the Fat Off!

Hike the Fat Off WeddingWeightLossRegistry Cover

Power walking and hiking are a great way to burn those calories and get in shape.  Try power walking by using your arms and stretching your legs out during your hike. This will get the blood pumping even more than just a regular walk. Slow down if you start to breathe heavy gradually not a fast and stop action. Slow continuous movement. If you have to catch your breath then take a break, but don’t over do it.

Track your progress and keep motivated by starting with a basic trail you feel comfortable with. Set a reasonable goal on the length of your trail. Gradually increase the length on each hike. If you are losing motivation, set your eyes on a goal to reach one more tree.  Each time you hike the same trail go a little bit further. Before you know it, you will be able to complete the trail much easier then when you first started. The key is to build up your endurance gradually. Once you are satisfied with completing your goal and add another challenge. Try carrying a backpack with a bottle of water to add a bit of weight to your hike. If you feel out of breath, slow down gradually. To avoid injury, avoid quick stops, and quick starts. Keep moving and burn those calories. So, get outdoors and hike the fat off! Speak with one of the support team professionals about the WeddingWeightLossRegistry.com program and get in shape for your wedding day and for years to come. Contact us.


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