Get Rid of Those Stretchy Jeans

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Click on photo to view video

Do you have a favorite pair of blue jeans? Chances are they are stretchy blue jeans. Those jeans may be your favorite because they trick you with their size. They are threaded with elastic and can stretch two sizes larger than what the size label reads. So, want to face reality?

Buy a pair of good ol’ fashion Levi blue jeans. They don’t have stretch and are a great way to have a bold reality check on your actual size. You may be shocked at your actual size when you try to fit into a pair after wearing those stretchy ones for years.

Here’s the great thing about trading in your stretchy jeans for a pair of non-stretchy ones. When you first put them on, they will feel tight, but when you are on the program and start shedding those pounds, those Levi’s will get looser and soon enough you will need to buy a smaller size.
Your new non-stretchy blue jeans don’t lie. If you are cheating on your diet, put on those jeans, and wear them couple of hours. Being uncomfortable for those hours will re-motivate you. Need more support with losing weight and looking your best?

Join the program and have a team of professionals supporting you along the way. Join today!

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