Clean the Pounds Away


Did you know you can burn calories when cleaning? Yes, get ready to put on those rubber gloves and pick up your mop! With just one hour of mopping your floors you can burn 153 calories. Scrubbing the tub you can shed 90 calories in 15 minutes.  If you are looking for more calories to burn, trade that mop in for using towels and scrub those floors with old fashion elbow grease,  burning 187 calories in 30 minutes. Bring out the broom and burn 136 calories in 30 minutes on average.

Be sure to wear knee pads and don’t overdo it.  Follow the advice of your program and if you have any questions ask the support team at If you have knee issues, use a vacuum cleaner instead for 30 minutes and burn 119 calories.

If your house is super clean and you need some more cleaning time, help out someone in the community and offer to help clean or organize their home. The key is to stay active. So, get the music playin’ and start dancing with that mop! Clean the pounds away.

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