Why the Wedding Weight Loss Registry?

Brides register to lose weight and with enough time, say 3 – 6 months or longer,
and they really want to make the effort and look great on that special day, we will
help guide them there.

We fearlessly create a powerful coaching conversation and get to know you first and foremost as we together create the path to a successful outcome.

How much time have you wasted getting advice and bad coaching from a friend, colleague or family member where you were having a chat that turned into coaching? That is not the same as a powerful coaching experience.  This is where we get to do our magic. Show up powerfully. Dig deep to discover what you really, really want and indeed need. We hold nothing back. Give you the best coaching experience you have ever had while looking for what you cannot see. And we’re bold enough to say to you what no one else will say.

 Step into your future confident that you will be the one in control of all facets of your life and be the strong confident fit woman you were meant to be.

We get you in shape for your wedding and teach you how to manage your weight for the rest of your life.


In addition, for those that need or want a little extra knowledge and coaching, we
offer that as well.

The Wedding Weight Loss Registry is like the standard registries you see at
Nordstum’s or Macy’s in the US, or The Bay and Sears in Canada. Perhaps a
better analogy is the new Honeymoon Registries where people come and help
pay for the honeymoon.

With the Wedding Weight Loss Registry they help pay for your weight loss.

Please note: this is only for Brides that want to share their weight loss goals with
others to get assistance with the cost and may not be for everyone. For those that
want to be private about their weight loss, we respect those wishes and work with
them one on one.

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